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Skydive Phoenix Inc Price List

We accept cash and all major credit cards

How do I Make an Appointment to Skydive With Skydive Phoenix Inc?

You may make an appointment with Skydive Phoenix Inc by:

  • Emailing Skydive Phoenix
  • Contacting us directly by calling 480.557.JUMP (5867)
  • Clicking on the "Make My Skydiving Appointment" link (coming soon)

In order to book an appointment with Skydive Phoenix Inc, you will need to provide us with:

  • Your Name
  • Number of Skydivers in your Group
  • Contact Phone Number
  • Date and Time you Desire
  • $50 Credit Card Deposit - Per Person (this will be deducted from your total on arrival)

» You may make an appointment for any date we are open.
» We are open every weekend year round from 0800 to sunset.
» We are open during the week by appointment.
Appointments can be made every hour on the hour.

Skydive Phoenix Inc Pricing

  • Tandem: $185.00
  • Experienced Jumpers:
    • Standard Jump Ticket (4 Slot Minimum) Cessna: $20.00
    • Turbine Jump Ticket (Grand Caravan) - $24.00
    • Rig Rental Per Jump: $40.00
    • Rig Rental Per Day: $70.00

» Discounts for tandem skydiving groups 4 or more
» Military and student discount available for tandem skydive jumps:

Skydive Phoenix Inc High Definition Video Packages

HD Packages Start as Low as $59.00

  • HD / Pictures: $59.00 (includes 40-60 high definition still pictures of your skydive jump)
  • HD DVD: $69.00 (includes MTV-style music video of your jump)
  • HD DVD/HD Pictures: $79.00 (included pictures and video combined)
  • HD DVD/HD Pictures & T-Shirt: $89.00

Accelerated Student Program (ASP) Program Prices

Learn to skydive on your own - a 9 jump process.

  • Tandem Level 1: $185.00
  • Tandem Level 2: $175.00
  • ASP1: $245.00
  • ASP2: $159.00
  • ASP3: $159.00
  • ASP4: $159.00
  • ASP5: $159.00
  • ASP6: $199.00
  • ASP7: $159.00

ASP Total Cost: $1,559.00

» Package Deal w/ Tandems and ASP1 - ASP7 Package Deal: $1,399.00
Learn More about Skydive Phoenix Inc's Accelerated Student Program (ASP)

Accelerated Freefall Program (AFF) Program Pricing

Learn to jump on your own - 7 jump process. AFF Programs are solo skydiving jumps with NO prior tandem jumps

  • Level 1: $365.00
  • Level 2: $245.00
  • Level 3: $245.00
  • Level 4: $245.00
  • Level 5: $179.00
  • Level 6: $179.00
  • Level 7: $179.00
    (Includes USPA Membership)

AFF Total Cost: $1,637.00

» Price for AFF Skydiving Package Deal Paid Up Front: $1,480.00
Learn More about Skydive Phoenix Inc's Accelerated Freefall (AFF) Program

Skydive Phoenix Inc Additional Services Pricing

  • Static Line 1st Jump Course: $169.00
  • Addional Static Lines: $69.00

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